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LPL Financial : History - Looking to the Future

LPL Financial was formed in 1989 through the merger of two small but successful brokerage firms, Linsco (established in 1968) and Private Ledger (founded in 1973). By merging these two companies, the founders of LPL Financial sought to create a formidable alternative to Wall Street firms, one where financial advisors could build highly competitive businesses while always doing what was right for their clients. Today, we are the largest independent broker/dealer in the country.* Our success has been driven by a commitment to enable our customers to reduce the complexity of running and managing a successful business.

In 2005, LPL Financial sold a 60% ownership stake to two private equity partners, Hellman & Friedman LLC and Texas Pacific Group. LPL Financial and our equity part ners are strongly committed to maintaining the independence of the firm, with a shared vision of our future success.

Financial advisors and financial organizations need a partner that can help them meet the growing demands and challenges of today's investors. People are living longer and face increasingly complex retirement needs. As a true market leader, LPL Financial is well positioned to enable our partners to help their clients address these trends.

As we move into our fourth decade, LPL Financial remains committed to meeting the needs of our valued partners though our Independent Advisor Services, Institution Services and Custom Clearing Services. We set the highest standards in every aspect of supporting advisors and other financial professionals, so that they may help investors achieve their vision for their financial future.

*Based on total revenues, as reported in Financial Planning magazine, June 1996 - 2009

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